Chapter 1: The Beginning

⚛ A beginning is a very delicate time.

⚛ Overview of the book content. The following is a transcript of the narration:


In this chapter we will introduce you to the program and give a brief explanation of what to expect:


✸ We will start with an introduction to the physics of sound in general. 

✸ We will be looking at a system provided for you, which we will call the "Given System".

✸ We will learn the Eurorack standards.

✸ We will learn the modules individually.

✸ We will go through complex patching steps and create layered soundscapes.

✸ We will practice the interaction between modules, starting from simple sources and destinations.

✸ We will learn synthesis methods and practice them on our systems.

✸ We will expand the Given System with additional external modules and enrich our modular experience.

✸ We will examine other modules using different synthesis techniques.

✸ We will introduce a brief history of the evolution of sound synthesis.

✸ We will have an introduction into Live Performance, external system interfaces, sound recording in real-time, and post-processing with DAWs.

✸ We will gain DIY experience and build our own pocket synthesisers that is Eurorack compatible.

⚛ Music in this video: song "The First One" by Dusha and Amos Gaynes, album "The Blue Road". Sound design by Tulpa Dusha and Amos Gaynes. Instruments used: Moog Matriarch, E32 Cloud Terrarium, Linneas by Rossum Instruments, Alchemy, Logic Pro X, OP-1, Morpheus