Chapter 3: Eurorack

⚛ The environment defines the workflow and largely affects the result.

⚛ The following is a transcript of the narration:



✸ Eurorack is a set of standards, placed on enclosures with power supplies, to allow a wide variety of equipment to be ins talled. 

✸ It owes its existence to the Eurocard system which existed many decades before and is loosely based on the same standards.

✸ The Eurocard system was designed for purposes other than synthesisers, such as test equipment, mainframe computers, medical equipment, or any electronics that required a modular form.

✸ Dieter Doepfer adopted the standard on his modular synthesisers and the Eurorack became the standard for modular synthesisers. 

✸ Rack units, or U refers to height.

✸ Width of modules is measured in HP.

✸ Eurorack uses 10 or 16 pin ribbon cables for power. 

✸ Audio and control signals are exchanged between modules via 3.5 mm mono jack cables.

✸ Following is the video recorded in University of Art, Plzen, Czech Republic:

⚛ Music in the chapter video: song "Courtesy of the Sun" by Dusha, album "II", 2018