Chapter 7: Signal Controllers | EG (ADSR) 

⚛ Envelope Generator, sometimes called Transient Generator

⚛ Additional Information

⚛ The following is a transcript of the narration:



✸ Signal Controllers: EG (ADSR)

✸ Envelope Generator (ADSR) controls alteration of the level or timbre over time. 

✸ The ADSR has four parameters called Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release.

Patch 4 EG (ADSR)

⚛ The following is a transcript of the narration:



✸ Connect sawtooth wave output to VCF input.

✸ Send Low Pass output to VCA audio input 1.

✸ Open signal in and gain.

✸ Open input / drive level and Cut Off on the VCF.

✸ Set VCO 1 to LFO mode and connect it to Envelope Generator Gate input, to trigger the envelope.

✸ Output of the envelope send to Cut Off CV input.

✸ Adjust LFO rate, time range, Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release knobs.

✸ Set Cut Off CV input on positive (+) and listen how the transient is shaping the Cut Off envelope and that results in change of the tone and dynamics.

Bonus Patch

⚛ The following is a transcript of the narration:



✸ Without changing the previous patch, connect the second output on Envelope Generator (ADSR) to exponential frequency modulation input on VCO2.

✸ Open the level of modulation on the VCO and Cut Off on the VCF. 

✸ Play with octave switch and cut off position, and note how strongly timbre and dynamics change.