Herzlich On the Moon

12,00 €

Herzlich On The Moon : Two days long DIY session

Do you want to learn the secret language of low pass gates? A project suitable for beginner DIY'ers and seasoned solder slingers alike, the Omen LPG is a unique low pass gate utilizing two passive resonant filters. The resonant filters lend themselves exceptionally well to a wide variety of sounds, from thumping bass drums to beautiful overtones, sizzling hat hits and rumbling resonance.

The dual nature of the Omen LPG means it can be used as both a single, four-pole filter or two discrete two-pole filters. Variable attenuation control over the CV input allows you to shave off the resonant bite, and input normalization makes it easy to achieve complex and interesting modulations not present in other LPGs.

At the workshop, Lars Bjørn from Herzlich Labs will provide support and guidance, as you build your very own Omen LPG - a successful build is guaranteed, no matter your skill level. During the workshop, you will also learn how passive resonant filters work, the role of vactrols in LPG circuits and how you can tune and customize the tone of your Omen LPG. Each kit comes with an illustrated build guide and everything you need to succeed, and by the time you're done, you will both have learned exceptional new DIY skills and acquired an exceptional and unique new sound sculpting tool for your musical toolbox.

When: 23/24 of January

Where: Modular Moon

Ticket Fee: For Students : Free / For guests: 13,80 Euro

What to Have: soldering iron

LPG kit is not included! You can purchase a copy on the spot.

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