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▸ Sound Object # 3: Bass - an analog monophonic synthesizer for getting bass.


𝄪 Characteristics: Oscillator (VCO) - two waveforms to choose from, sawtooth and rectangular with adjustable pulse width Bass generator (Sub osc) - two waveforms, rectangular and triangular, the pitch is one or two octaves (optional) below the main generator Modulator (LFO, Low Frequency Oscillator) - rectangular and triangular waveform, directed to filter, oscillator and amplifier, of choice. Filter - 24 dB / oct, with resonance and keyboard tracking.

𝄪 Amplifier (VCA) - Loop or Keyboard Trigger, Continuous Sound Capability, Contour (AR, envelope generator) - adjustable phases of attack-decay of the signal, the ability to turn off the support phase, the function of a continuous loop of repetitions of the envelope when the support is turned off Glide (glissando) - adjust the smooth transition from note to note LED indication - power supply, modulator frequency, midi note. Connectors: Audio output - 6.3 mm mono jack.

𝄪 Midi input - midi note on note off, pitch, modulation wheel (for filter cutoff)

𝄪 Eurorack compatible - 3.5mm inputs for CV, Gate, VCF and VCA and outputs for VCO, Bass, Mod, ENV on the rare panel 

𝄪 Power socket for a 5.5x2.1 mm plug, Supply voltage 12 volts AC. Power adapter from a 220 volt 50 Hz network, included.

𝄪 Panel: Aluminum Body: ABS plastic Dimensions: 225 x 170 x 60mm Weight: 1.5-1.8 kg with power supply. Function description in both Russian and English languages.

𝄪 Available only by pre-order. Manufacturing time: up till 30 days; sending time: 2-10 days.

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