Tulpa&Friends Featuring EP

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Tulpa & Friends Featuring EP
1. Tulpa feat Harmonic Frequency - Light Trails
2. Tulpa feat Mantra Flow - Fomalhaut B
3. Tulpa feat Dusha/MM - Luftraum
4. Tulpa feat Gaiana - Something About You
5. Tulpa feat Mantra Flow - Meme Theory
This featured EP is produced in collaboration between Tulpa and her friends, great people and incredible talented musicians Robin Graat (Gaiana), Stefan Oldehinkel (Harmonic Frequency) and Kristian Gjesing (Mantra Flow), and MM - side project by Tulpa. This EP is an audio unity of elements of light, and dedicated to happiness to Everything and Everyone.
Released by BioMechanix Records, Mexico. January 9, 2015
This is digital album. After receiving the order we will send you downloading link. You will receive full quality audio journey in .wav format, art works. Thank you for listening!